“CONTENDING FOR THE FAITH” (PART 1) Back to all sermons

Study of Jude

Date: January 20, 2019

Speaker: Rick Crews

Series: Study of Jude

Category: New Testament

Scripture: Jude 1:1–1:4


  1. How does the first verse in Jude show us humility being displayed in the author? Why is humility such an important identifying mark of a true believer? Why is pride so dangerous/destructive to the Christian life? In what areas do you struggle with pride? What disciplines are you using to cultivate biblical humility in your life?


  1. Reflecting on verse 2a, we discover three marks of a genuine believer: called, beloved and kept. All three point to works only accomplished by God.


  1. How does knowing we are called by God help us combat thoughts that God has abandoned us?


  1. How does knowing that God fiercely loves you in Christ dispel the lie that God is disappointed with you?


  1. How does the knowledge that God keeps you assure you of a certain future?


  1. Reflecting on verse 3, the best way to combat the destructive danger of false teachers is for the church to have great clarity on the gospel. Take a moment and practice sharing the gospel with others in your group. Take a moment and share with others what God has done for you in the gospel, what God is doing for you, and what is yet to come because of the promise of the gospel. Share with the group one person you would like to share the gospel with this coming week and ask them to pray for that upcoming conversation.


  1. According to verse 4, false teachers who work their way into the congregation are marked by ungodliness, immorality, and rebellious natures. Why are false teachers more dangerous to our church than persecution and pain brought by the world? Why do we find it so difficult to spot and stand against false teachers? How can we most effectively contend for the faith in opposition to false teachers?