“CONTENDING FOR THE FAITH” (PART 3) Back to all sermons

Study of Jude

Date: February 3, 2019

Speaker: Rick Crews

Series: Study of Jude

Category: New Testament

Scripture: Jude 1:17–1:25


  1. How does Jude's exhortation in verse 17 to "remember the words spoken by the apostles of Jesus" teach us that our faith is rooted in a message (the Bible) once and for all given?
  2. Why would remembering the message contained in our Bibles help us confront the dangers of false teachers in our generation?
  3. How can we encourage one another to develop a great discipline to "remember" (or memorize/know God's Words better)?
  4. What are some things in our culture that are creeping (or have crept) into churches today that undermine orthodox, biblical teaching (especially the doctrine of the gospel)?  

6. According to Jude, the influence of false teachers can impact people in different ways: it leads to great doubts, it leads to great dangers, and it leads to great defilements (Jude verses22-23). Describe what a person in each of these three categories might look like and give an example of how we might rescue them from doubt, dangers, and defilements?