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Bible Fellowships

 Biblical education is essential for the life of a healthy, growing congregation. At GRBC, we desire to equip the congregation by offering many opportunities for people to grow in their understanding of God’s Word through our Bible fellowships. These groups meet on Sunday mornings from 9:00am to 9:50am, concluding just prior to our worship service, and they increase the opportunities we have to biblically educate people in every stage of life. It is our desire that these courses would cultivate a deeper understanding of God through a better understanding of His Word.

Children’s Bible Fellowship classes are bible classes for children that meet every Sunday morning in age-appropriate settings from birth through 5th grade. All of our children meet in the upstairs classrooms. 

Student Bible Fellowship classes are in-depth bible studies taught by Amos McCleese for students from 6th through the 12th grade. 

Adult Bible Fellowship— classes focus on studies meant to deepen our understanding of what the Bible says and how it fits together. Our goal is to develop our congregation through the systematic study of the Old and New Testaments, Church History, and Christian Life Studies, just to name a few. Our current class options include:

  • Cornerstone Class: How to Grow (Rooted in Christ) taught by Ken Bradby.
  • An Interactive Study of Exodus taught by Stephen Watkins in the Fellowship Hall.

Email us for More Information on our Bible Fellowship Classes.