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Affection and Assurance

September 18, 2016

Topic: New Testament Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 1:1–4


1. How does Paul show his affections for the church? In what tangible ways are you showing affection for the church?

2. The church is still young and already in danger. Why does Paul have such confidence in the stability of this young church (verse 2)? How might this knowledge help you in areas of worry and anxiety?

3. What evidence did Paul find in the Thessalonians that they were loved and chosen by God (verse 3)? What evidence can you look at to know you are loved and chosen by God? What should this knowledge produce in you?

4. What was the evidence that the Gospel message had been confirmed in the Thessalonians (verses 3 and 5)? How did the gospel come to you? How did you respond to the gospel when you came to faith in Christ? If you are not a Christian, how would this message be confirmed in you?