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Palm Sunday

Date: April 14, 2019

Speaker: Rick Crews

Series: Palm Sunday

Category: New Testament

Scripture: Matthew 21:1–21:22


  1. What does Palm Sunday teach us about the kind of King Jesus is (Matthew 21:1-11)?


  1. How does the truth about the kind of King He is often challenge the kind of King we want Him to be (i.e. tolerant Jesus, prospering Jesus, comfort over suffering Jesus).


  1. What does Palm Sunday teach us about ongoing praise of King Jesus?


  1. In light of Jesus’ teaching about the purpose of the temple (Matthew 21:12-17), what might this teach us about the purpose of the church? In what ways might we be more faithful in fulfilling that purpose?


  1. Jesus’ living parable with the Fig tree (Matthew 21:18-22) is a foreshadowing of the true end of worldly religion, which is marked by religious rituals and traditional, but not a proper response to King Jesus. Take a moment and prayerfully examine your life. Is your life bearing the fruit of faithfully responding to King Jesus? Are there areas of your life that you are trying to keep off limits to Him?


  1. Palm Sunday is the beginning of Holy Week for the church. Take time this week to reflect and rejoice in the work of Christ on your behalf.