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Topical Sermons

Date: March 17, 2019

Speaker: Keith Lowe

Series: Topical Sermons

Category: Old Testament

Scripture: Isaiah 26:1–26:8

Sermon Application Questions


  1. How is the security of the believer worded? What is needed to enter God’s kingdom? What is needed to enjoy the peace of God? (Verses 1-6)
  2. The world, the flesh and the devil put up obstacles. What does the Lord do to make our way doable? What actions are needed on our part in order to enjoy God’s way in life? (Verses 7-10)
  3. What differences compare the lives of believers and unbelievers? What difference compares the believer and the unbeliever at death? (Verses 11-19)
  4. What does it mean to hide behind closed doors until Christ’s return? (Verses 20-21)