“CONTENDING FOR THE FAITH” (PART 2) Back to all sermons


Date: January 27, 2019

Speaker: Rick Crews



  1. How does the attention that Jude brings to the judgment of God profit us as believers in the church? How do you explain to someone God’s just actions in judging the ungodly? 


  1. One of the marks of a false teacher is that they claim a place of authority and seek to influence others to follow them based upon claims of personal spiritual experiences.  Why is it dangerous to evaluate a person’s place in Christ or their qualification to lead others in the church based upon personal spiritual experiences? What is the most helpful means to evaluate our place in Christ and the ability to serve others in the church? 


  1. Another mark of a false teacher (one who influences others in a way that leads them away from Christ and into sin), is a denial of the Lordship of Christ and a refusal to submit to biblical authority. Why is it wrong to say that we can have Jesus as Savior and not our Lord and authority over our lives? Why is it hard to submit to biblical authority? In what areas of your life do you tend to reject or struggle with trusting and submitting to God’s Word? 


  1. A false teacher is someone who influences others in such a way that, through their claims of spiritual experiences or empty promises, they lead people away from devotion to Christ and into the dangers of sin. In what ways have you witnessed a false teacher or a person of influence over others in the church, being deceptive or failing to deliver on what they promised? What damage have you witness from the effects of these false teachers? 


  1. Jesus and Paul speak about the importance of our lives in Christ producing godly fruit. Jude says false teachers are fruitless trees (verse 12). In what ways have they shown themselves to be fruitless? Take a moment and examine the fruit of your life. Does the fruit in your life give evidence of a faithful follower of Christ or is it closer to the false teachers? Explain. 


  1. What is the means Jesus has given the church to deal with false teachers? How would you begin to approach a false teacher or a person whose influence leads others into sin and disunity rather than deeper devotion to Christ?  What is the biblical process we would want to use to deal with them?