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Psalms Study

Date: December 2, 2018

Speaker: Keith Lowe

Series: Psalms Study

Category: Old Testament

Scripture: Psalm 118:1–118:4, Psalm 118:19–118:21

Sermon Application Questions

  1. How does the amount of times that praise is mentioned in the Psalms compare with the rest of the Bible?  What famous person regarded this Psalm as his favorite?
  2. A thankful heart remembers the goodness of God.  Who in particular are those who fear the Lord in verse 4?  How does that relate to Psalm 117?
  3. What should we do when in distress?  Trust in the Lord is related to what act in verse 8?
  4. There is danger in our walk with the Lord. In what name can we win against the world, the flesh and the devil?  This Lord is more than a helper. What three things is He to you?
  5. What two things should be happening in the life of the righteous?  What is important about the right hand?  Does His right hand bring about salvation against all obstacles?  How far will the Lord go to discipline His people to keep them in the righteous way?
  6. How important is righteousness in our approach to the Lord in prayer? What should be our attitude as we ask of Him? (Verses 19-20)
  7. Verses 22-29 are prophetic utterances of the redeeming work of Christ Jesus.  Is it truly marvelous in your eyes?  Do you rejoice in it?  Because He is God we are to give thanks.  Verse 29 ends the Psalm just as verse 1 began it.  Thank God for Jesus.