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Praying for Revival

June 5, 2016

Topic: Old Testament Passage: Psalm 126

Application Questions

1. After careful reflection on Psalm 126, can you name those things which hold your heart captive right now? What are the affects this bondage of your heart in your life?

2. Why is it important to recall times when God has delivered you in the past from things that held you captive? What is the result in the life of the believer when we see God’s work in the past?

3. Why does this Psalmist use the pronoun we/our in verses 1-4 rather than the singular pronoun I/me? What does this say about your relationship to the church and your experience of such joy? How should this shape your connections to and prayers for the church?

4. What does the Psalmist pray for in verse 4? How might we apply that petition to our prayer lives today?

5. What is the promise of God to His people in verses 5-6? What are the normal excuses we have for our lack of sowing (laboring) in the body of Christ? What tangible change can you make in your life to “sow in tears” while we wait for a harvest with joy?