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Our Citizenship is in Heaven

May 25, 2014 Series: Discovering UnExpected Joy

Topic: New Testament Scripture: Philippians 3:17– 4:1

Discovering UnExpected Joy
“Our Citizenship is in Heaven”
Philippians 3:17-4:1
Application Questions for Week 14

1. In what ways does Paul serve as a model throughout the book of Philippians? In what specific areas of your life do you need to grow in order to follow Paul's model? In what specific area does Paul point us to Christ as our model in the book of Philippians?

2. It is absolutely necessary to be around other believers if you are to imitate those who exhibit godliness. What are some of the practical ways in which GRBC affords you opportunities to be around other believers? Consider your involvement formally and informally with the saints at GRBC. What specifically can you do to grow in your connection and commitment to your local body of believers?

3. What does it mean to be an “enemy of the cross of Christ?” What are the primary traits of the “enemies” that Paul described? Think about how Pastor Stephen defined these traits. Are there remnants of these traits in your life? What will you do specifically to seek to grow so that these are not representative of your life? How will you include others in your growth?

4. How does the fact that your “citizenship is in heaven” give you hope and assurance in your life now? How does the hope of heaven and resurrection embolden you to remain steadfast in your Christian walk? What about this life most tempts you to want to quit? How can your hope of heaven give you strength to resist this temptation? Consider also 1 John 3:1-3 as you contemplate these questions.

5. Examine Philippians 4:1. Note the depth of Paul's love for the Philippian believers, who he considered his “joy” and “crown.” What and who do you consider as your “joy” and “crown?” In what ways are you tempted to view lesser things (material goods, recognition, experiences, etc.) as your “joy” and “crown” instead of people for whom you have a responsibility? How can you better express love for others in your life through your words and service to them?

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