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Pressing On and Following Christ

May 18, 2014 Series: Discovering UnExpected Joy

Topic: New Testament Scripture: Philippians 3:12–16

Discovering UnExpected Joy
“Pressing On and Following Christ”
Philippians 3:12-16
Application Questions for Week 13


1. What did Paul say he had not “obtained” yet (v. 12 NASB)? What are the three “stages” of our salvation and, as believers, where do we find ourselves now?


2. How do you view yourself in your spiritual walk? Are you tempted to view yourself as a loser, a failure, or spiritually deficient? Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others? Are you tempted to view yourself as spiritually superior and self-righteous? Do you feel like, spiritually, you have “arrived?” How do these wrong views, in either direction, exhibit pride in your heart?


3. What does it mean to “live a life of repentance?” When we view ourselves accurately we see ourselves as sinners in need of God's grace continually, even though we are justified. How does the Gospel relate to this need to live a “life of repentance?”


4. What did Paul say was his motivation to “press on?” What is your primary motivation in life? Is it approval from others, concerns about your self-image, tradition, intellectual pride, the acquisition of material things, a desire for comfort/ease in life, or something else? How should the Gospel redirect your motivations for life?


5. Paul chose to leave “behind” his human and religious credentials (reasons for “confidence in the flesh”) considering them as worthless in comparison to the treasure of knowing Christ. In what ways are you exhibiting “confidence in the flesh?” What do you see as your identity in life: accomplishments, recognition, family, employment, or wealth? Are you tempted to find your identity in past sins, failures, past victimization, shame, or regrets? The Gospel frees you to leave all of that behind to pursue a much greater prize: Christ.


6. Describe the goal we strive for as believers (v. 13-14). Why is this such a superior pursuit of life?


7. Discipleship and spiritual growth does not occur in isolation: Christ has called us to be members together of his body. There is always a corporate aspect to your pursuit of Christ. How can you better involve yourself with members of this body (GRBC)? In what ways can you grow in using your gifts to serve your brothers and sisters? Think about scheduled events and informal opportunities and how you can both benefit from the gifts of others and how they can benefit from yours.

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